Sept 23 – David Weinberger Network Age Briefing: Is The Web REALLY Exceptional?

  • Network Age Briefing: “Is The Web REALLY Exceptional?”
  • September 23, 2009 — 10:00am PDT / 1:00 pm EDT
  • Web and chat:
  • Call-in Number: (347) 945-6578

225px-DavidWeinberger_treesOn September 23, I'll be chatting with Berkman Fellow Dr. David Weinberger on the topic of "web exceptionalism."  I'm really hoping you can join us.

“Exceptionalism is the perception that a country, society, institution, movement, or time period is ‘exceptional
(i.e., unusual or extraordinary) in some way and thus does not conform
to normal rules or general principles. Used in this sense, the term
reflects a belief formed by lived experience, ideology, perceptual frames, or perspectives influenced by knowledge (or lack thereof) of historical or comparative circumstances.” (source: Wikipedia)

Join us for a thought-provoking Supernova Network Age Briefing with David
Weinberger on September 23 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT to discuss “Is The Web
REALLY Exceptional?”  On August 28 of this year, David wrote:

“We hear “Internet” and we think an
infrastructure of cables and radio signals, when in fact the Internet
is a set of protocols that can be implemented over anything from copper
wires to carrier pigeons.”

But then he goes on to say:

“In fact, I find myself
understanding issues ever more frequently in terms of traditional
structures becoming networks or taking on the properties of networks.
E.g., news is a network, not a set of stories. Businesses ought to view
themselves more and more as networks. Expertise is a property of a
network. Leadership is a property of a network. Markets are networks
within which conversations take place, natch. Networks are very much
becoming our new paradigm.”

So, it appears we’re at a crossroads.  Is the web just more of the
same, just another communications medium, that happens to be in a
trendy, well-funded wrapper?  (Remember, there was a time when
Citizen’s Band – CB – radio was going to change broadcasting, too.)  Or
are the web, and the Network Age, truly “exceptional?”

Join us!

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