Very interesting "open-source business card" project being tested over at Kickstarter from VRM colleague (and NPR innovator) Keith Hopper.  Check it out.  Keith says:

discovered that if you power off your iPhone with the camera app
running, you'll get an impromptu close-up shot when you next turn on
your phone. This is usually a shot of a table surface, the ground, your
shoes – many of which provide interesting textural backgrounds.

phenomenon inspired me to shoot texture shots taken as iPhone
close-ups. In order to learn more about effectively framing and
lighting a digital shot, I post all photos without edits, cropping, or
level and color changes.

If you want one of the first packs of Creative Commons-licensed MOO MiniCards, the
money will go to pay for the cards and the shipping for your order. All
the photo and edit work to complete the project I'll do for free. Any
additional money raised will go towards hiring a graphic designer to
design a 100th card (99 photos + 1 professionally designed card). The
100th "credits card" will give photo, design, and support credits to
every participant that pledges at least $1 to the project.

Trying a new form of innovation/business exploration? Check.  Art?  Check.  Cool stuff?  Check.

I'm in.

Video: Doc Searls Pulls Out A Gun

Doc Searls pulls out a (pricing) gun at the 2009 VRM West Coast Workshop on May 15, 2009.  Some great thoughts in here about the transformation of "content" industries, and hints at the tools that customers could wield to set their own price.

And just because it's fun to pull it out of context, I love this blurry screen grab, too.  🙂

Picture 10

photo: christopher carfi, creative commons 3.0 attribution

Social CRM / Social Selling (Webcast Archive)

Back in March, I had the opportunity to chat for an hour or so with Mark Woollen from Oracle and Anneke Seley from PhoneWorks around topics related to how customers and sales teams interact at a time when the customer is increasingly in charge of the dynamics of the relationship.  A bit of presentation bits at the beginning, and then the balance of the hour is Q&A with the participants on the webinar.  Here ’tis:

Social Selling Webcast

Link to the video here.

(Disclosure: The Customer Collective is a customer of Cerado)

YPulse Youth Marketing Mashup

Picture 8 Just got a nice note from old friend Anastasia Goodstein, who is the prime mover behind YPulse (which is a formidable marketing blog and is the place to understand what is current in media, technology and entertainment with tweens and teens).  YPulse is gearing up for their next "YPulse Mashup" event.  Here's the scoop:

"Hey Chris! I hope this email finds you well.
We have an amazing line up this year including Don Tapscott, Donna Fenn (Inc.)
and so many other cool speakers.

 I was
hoping you might share it with your readers. We created a special code SC
(Social Customer) just for your readers/Twitter followers to get 10 percent off
the price."

Indeed.  So, if you want to go and save a couple of bucks, use the code "SC" when you register.  The conference is June 1-2, 2009 in San Francisco.