Middlesex Emergence

Middlesex Emergence
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A number of us went out for snacks and such at the Middlesex Lounge when I was in Cambridge this week for the Business of Community Networking conference. The food was tasty, the beverages were great, and the DJ was (how-do-you-say) "interestingly experimental," but the thing that really caught my eye was the furniture.

Check it out. All the tables were easily movable, and all of the seats were on casters. The room was designed to be reconfigured on the fly. More folks in your party? No problem. Impromptu dance party? No problem.

Although we talk a lot about modularity in software design, this was one of the few times I'd encountered it in the world of atoms.

What else works better when it can be reconfigured at will?

Meetup: Rethinking Learning in Berkeley (Tuesday)

There is a great event happening tomorrow evening (this Tuesday) in Berkeley; a session with the Learning Irregulars on the future of learning in organizations. Discussion will revolve around the marvels that networks have wrought and how organizations can improve the way they approach learning. 

More details here

Please note!  This is an event that is open to everyone, even if you are not a learning professional. Diverse viewpoints are the source of innovation.  Invite your neighbor who's a labor leader, CFO, anthropologist, psychologist, professor, historian, executive, butcher, baker, or candlestick maker, so long as he or she is out to make the world a better place. Major innovations result from mashing up concepts from diverse silos, and accelerating innovation is the goal. 

People make a meeting like this work.

Learning Irregulars!
Berkeley 7-10 pm
Tuesday, March 24th. 
Please RSVP

Registration Open for “Sales 2.0” Webcast (March 31, 2009)

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Our friends over at The Customer Collective have invited Mark Woolen from Oracle and Anneke Seley from Phone Works as well as myself to share some thoughts (and perhaps spar a little) on the topic of "How do you take the proven fundamentals of good selling and apply
them to social networking? What Web 2.0 tools should you as a sales
professional be utilizing to find new prospects and keep the customers
you have loyal?

I'll be the guy taking the customer's perspective.  :-)  Here are the bios:

Mark Woollen, with more than 20 years of sales, marketing and
development experience, is responsible for driving market requirements
and business strategy for Oracle CRM applications. He will share the
changes Web 2.0 and social media are bringing to enterprise software
and what that means for sales.

Christopher Carfi is co-founder of Cerado, Inc. and author of The
Social Customer Manifesto weblog. Chris is a recognized expert in
applying emerging social technologies such as blogs, wikis, and
podcasts to create strong customer communities and strengthen
relationships between vendors and their customers.

Anneke Seley has spent over 25 years creating high-performance, high
profit sales models for companies such as Microsoft, NetApp,
Interwoven, and Hyperion. Now with her new book "Sales 2.0: Improve
Business Results Using Innovative Sales Practices and Technology", she
is pioneering next-generation Web 2.0 sales practices.

Should be good fun.  Seeya there.

Click here to register.

SXSW iPhone Web App and Widget

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Due to popular demand, we've updated and completely revamped the Unofficial SXSW Mobile Pocket Guide that we built with Cerado Ventana.  What's the same:

  • Still looks great on the iPhone and other mobile devices
  • Still works great as a widget you can drop on your blog or even your start page (iGoogle, NetVibes, etc.)

What's new this year:

  • Listings of panels
  • Listings of parties
  • Pulls in Twitter buzz
  • And (very cool), you can add parties or events to the guide yourself!


If you're going to, or simply want to follow the buzz at, SXSW09, check it out!