DNS Made Skeevy

Sean looks for a little help from DNS Made Easy after he (admittedly) screwed up, and gets clubbed about the head and shoulders with one of the worst bits of customer (ahem) service I’ve heard of.  The note is from "Kate" at DNSMadeEasy to Sean.  An excerpt:

"Wow…. Spent hours trying to help you today. Offered you
a refund even though we have a zero refund policy and this is the
attitude you give me?!?!?!

> 1. an active email account was shut down without trying an alternative
> method of contact. you do have my physical address. for what reason, i’ve no
> idea.

Are you joking me? You expect us to send you personal letters by
mail? For an account of your size? Should we fly to your house also and
knock on your door? Should I call your whole family also and let them
know you are late paying your bill?
Please….  this obviously is not a business for you.

> 2. in this day and age, with moore’s law creating storage
> business models left and right, i’m shocked that you didn’t
> simply put a freeze on the account. my client called me today. if you simply
> froze the account, we would’ve been back in business this afternoon.

It was frozen for 4 days then removed. Not our fault that your
client noticed after it was removed. Not our fault if you give us your
free yahoo account to check your emails. Not our fault you do not check
your free email’s spam box.

Since you made a list for me, here is a list for you.

  1. Don’t use your free yahoo email account for hobby / business. Did
    you tell your friend / client that is why you lost all of their email?
  2. Learn to write down when your services expire. You are lucky we
    gave you over 2 weeks. Most providers shut you down much sooner.
  3. Always pay your bills on time.
  4. Don’t be rude to people that have tried to help you for free…. Eventually no one will try to help you.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions, concerns, or comments regarding this ticket.

DNS Made Easy Sales / Support

Please let us know if our response did not answer your question. To
reply to this ticket you can do so by email (just reply) or by the
support site."

Read the whole thing here.  Unreal.  (N.B.  Please don’t feed the troll in his comments.)

Things I Wonder About:  Did I spell "skeevy" right?  Not sure I’ve every seen it in print before.

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  1. I clicked comments only to find elisa stole my comment. You had me at skeevy – where do you get this stuff man.

    Unbelievable service, thanks for posting I am never amazed at the power for a single interaction to impact a brand. Not that I knew the brand before your post..


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