Asymmetric Forces at Work

Seth says that "bringing symmetry to asymmetrical relationships is a huge opportunity for a technology company."  I don’t think this statement goes far enough, not by a long shot.

It’s not just about technology companies.

When there are significant asymmetries, there are systemic issues, not just technical ones.

This is why efforts like ProjectVRM need to exist.  This is why I’m starting to talk about buyer-driven marketplaces.

The statement above needs to be reiterated: it’s not just about technology companies.  It’s not even "just" about business.  It’s about equilibrium, which just seems to be one of those states that things usually trend toward.  Here are over 50 other examples.

N.B. I recognize the inherent conflict between the statement above vis-à-vis W. Brian Arthur’s work on increasing returns (cite).  But there are currently a lot more examples of equilibria versus increasing returns.

3 Replies to “Asymmetric Forces at Work”

  1. This asymmetry business got me going with my new project, and I hope we can make some difference to balance things a bit.
    I really would like to understand the haystack software a little better, that what I could learn on the website. How can I do it?

  2. I think we can just put it more simply – Deep Dialing is a technology that will make lives easier, thus it makes sense! My site will be tracking the technology and providing updates. It will be interesting to see which companies win in this technology race – Bringo, Fonolo, or maybe a player we don’t know about yet.

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