BlogHer Conference Ventana Launched


It has been quite the busy week in Cerado-land, as we were supporting the two hottest tickets in town, PSFK and BlogHer, with custom, iPhone-enabled pocket guides.

As PSFK wraps up today, BlogHer kicks off on Friday.  We’re supporting the conference and created a custom VentanaTM that will serve as a mobile-friendly Official Pocket Guide and connect the event with its attendees in real time. 

There are three versions of the BlogHer Pocket Guide available:

The guide offers quick access to…

People – The Network page lets attendees add themselves to the guide  and link to their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

News– The latest blog posts,  announcements, and comments are the first things you see when you open the Guide.

Agenda – The Agenda page will be updated in real time whenever the conference agenda shifts.

Help – We’ve included a helpful FAQ to help you keep track of everything that’s going on.

The BlogHer ’08 annual conference is like no other — it is the
thrilling diversity of the blogosphere come to life! Featuring
technical labs, educational workshops, intense discussion sessions,
relevant sponsors, speakers from every corner of the blogosphere,
established and new, and plenty of opportunities to network and
socialize. Appropriate for anyone and everyone who’s interested in any
kind of blogging, from the personal to the professional to the

You can learn more about Cerado Ventana at

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