Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing!


The rumors on the new iPhone state that it’ll have a second camera for "video conferencing."  But think about it…if it’s on the faster 3G network, and it has that second camera, it’s not really "video conferencing," which conjures images of staid meetings and boardrooms and such.

If the camera is there, and the network is fast enough, and the UI is right, this is that individual, person-to-person videophone that has been envisioned for the last 50 years.


(And yes, for the record, I still want my flying car.)

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  1. It already exists on the N95/other smart phones. I’ve been talking to a lot of people in London who have the phone and the 3G network and unlimited data and not found anyone who uses it beyond a few trials. There needs to be a bigger behavioural change first.

  2. I think Rachel is correct – telepresence (whether on Cisco, HP Halo or other broadband global meeting services or on a N95 or 3G iPhone) CAN be a great global collaboration and productivity tool, but, as Doug Engelbart has preached for over 40 years, we need to evolve the human system to match the technology.

    the worst thing that could happen IMO is for the “videophone” to join the noisemakers on Twitter, Facebook and other mobile social nets.

    “Widgetizing” telepresence offers a huge number of potential benefits, but as Rachel points out, “There needs to be a bigger behavioural change first.”

    Just as Cerado has recognized the need to educate users in the nuances of social networking, you should take a look at the promise of telepresence technologies as an opportunity for a new form of user education.

    A broadband iPhone is a serious power tool, and users need to be educated about how, when and with whom to use it.

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