NASCAR Fan Bloggers Jump Into The Race

Knight Ridder Digital (KRD) property That’s Racin’ has launched a blog network. And the voice is great. One journo (the editor of That’s Racin’), one pit crew member, and two fan bloggers (read “customers”).

Reading through the site today, it blew me away on a number of fronts:

1) It’s a blog. About friggin’ NASCAR. I was skeptical; now I’m not. It’s real and passionate. It works.

2) In the four bloggers, they have 360-degree representation. The journalist. The insider. And, most importantly, the two customers who had been doing this anyway because of their love of the sport.

3) I had never realized there exists an intricate, almost Newtonian, balance between mullets and karaoke. I learned something today.

Congrats to KRD for pulling this off! More here.

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