The Business Blogging Field Guide, Part 3: The Recommender

“Recommender” blogs (commonly known as “link blogs”) are not designed to be a destination in and of themselves, but are instead a resource for readers of a particular business blogger. One can almost think of these types of blogs as reviews or, as the name suggests, recommendations of items that the blogger believes will be of interest to his or her readers. In contrast to almost all of the other types of business blogs, Recommender blogs oftentimes do not contain commentary on or visibility into the company for which the blogger works. Rather, the blogger becomes a resource for his or her readership and, as a side effect, brings more attention to the organization for which the blogger works.

“Recommender” example #1

Blogger: Jeremy Zawodny
Role: Platform Engineering
Company: Yahoo!
Blog Location:

“Recommender” example #2

Blogger: Robert Scoble
Role: Technical Evangelist
Company: Microsoft
Blog Location:

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