Blogosphere Crucifies Target Stores Just A Little Too Quickly

Ok, so the picture does look, shall we say, a little incongruous:

(and yes, in addition to marijuana, Target is apparently selling crack as well.)

A number of blogs have called this out (one two three four five… ) as a PR crisis in the making for Tarzhay.

Is it the work of hackers? Was it done by a disgruntled employee? Or were these items the Mountain-Dew-and-pizza-addled cries for help of programmers being worked to within a hairsbreadth of their physical and emotional limits?


Despite the initial appearance of a customer and PR nightmare, Target really is selling these items. They’re…the titles of, respectively, a book and a DVD .

UPDATE: Target no longer finds this as funny as we do. (via BoingBoing)

3 Replies to “Blogosphere Crucifies Target Stores Just A Little Too Quickly”

  1. My first thought when I saw this was: is this a spoof or joke? Maybe even a website hijack?

    Whether Target is selling this stuff or not, what’s interesting now is how this story develops. Is it a PR crisis? The ball’s in Target’s court, I think.

  2. Target has marijuana for $25.25!

    InsideGoogle: Taget Pushes Drugs

    Thanks for the real deal on this issue.

    It seems to me the big news here is not about Target’s faux pas. It’s about individual bloggers deep need to find controversial topics that might be picked up by mainstream media, thus raising the blogger’s profile considerably.

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